Origins by Nishantha Wood Carvings - Sri Lanka

Traditional Sri Lankan wooden masks & crafts.

History of Sri Lankan Traditional Masks :

Polonnaruwa, the ancient kingdom of reservoirs, is widely known for its pristine beauty. It lies at the heart of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka which was once referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The well preserved ruins of the places, Buddhist and Hindu temples, gardens, Buddhist and Hindu temples, gardens and other religious and culturally significant constructions that once completed the prestigious fortresses of one of the most prominent Sinhalese kingdoms in the 10th century, encapsulate the grandeur of a by-gone era. Though a fast developing city, Polonnaruwa still pays homage to the antiquity that founded this marvelous place.

Masks used in various dramatic rituals in Sri Lanka can be classified as mythological, demonic, animal-spirit and human figures. Oldest of them are animal and demonic ( or animal-cum-demonic, human-cum-demonic). The significance and designs of mythological masks are associated with iconography of the folk religions of the historical period.

Each variety of mask depicts a different diety or spirit and is widely used in Asian culture to bring good luck and ward off evil.

Our Story :

A staff of 65 employees work on producing these intricately designed wood carvings such as statues and masks, a task that requires creativity and an appreciation the arts. Each piece of carving is carefully designed keeping with the standards the business is reputed for and each one of them has a story of their own.

A Tourist Board and Government approved business, Nishantha Wood Carvings is an internationally renowned industry that has also received highly recommended testimonials from Travel Agents in Sri Lanka. The shop has even widened its business prospects to reach 30 countries at present.

With the sincere intention of keeping alive the aesthetic values that were revered in ancient times, the work force at Origins by Nishantha Wood Carvings attempt at offering their clients a taste of Asian culture in the most authentic and artistic manner possible.




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